Hello, I am Michelle Davis.

INDIVIDUAL SOLUTIONS for my patients and clients with the 7 KEYS TO VITALITY is what I stand for.

My mission is to bring you back into your self-healing ability so you can boost your VITALITY to keep your BEAUTY and POWER !

After medical school I started out as an orthopedic surgeon where I worked mainly in shoulder surgery. Alongside I was working as an emergency doctor and went 2012 to refugee camps in Lebanon where I was in charge of wounded Syrian refugees.

Then my way went on to pediatrics and besides that I started my coaching education as a mindset coach.

Due to yoga practices since many years I found more and more into my spiritual path and my soul purpose of combining classical medicine with holistic healing methods.

2013 I have met Neale Donald Walsch, Bruce Lipton, Diane Virtue, Robert Holden, Cheryl Richardson and Viana Stibal and many more at the „ I CAN DO IT “ seminar. I dived more into deep healing methods and was inspired by all those spiritual teachers and beautiful souls. Especially Viana Stibal amazed me with her Theta Healing session of the whole room and how fast my pain in my hand was gone which I had injured at a mountain bike tour. I decided back then to become a Theta Healing practitioner myself.

Now combining classical medicine with holistic medicine, vital cell food and detoxing methods aswell as mindset coaching rounds up the path for ALL IN 4 HEALING.