The 7 columns of vitality are a concept for body, mind and soul which are flowing together in a congruent way so your whole system can regenerate and rejuvenate – aswell as being used as a prevention method of disease.
In my coaching sessions I explain to you how they all are interconnected.


A positive mindset lifts your ENERGY !

How you start your day dictates your day !

How you react to uncertain situations or unexpected circumstances in your life also has a major effect on your health.

Are you re-active or pro-active person ?

Are you aware of your emotions or not ? And if you are how are you changeing them when they are negative ?

I will guide you in this field what kind of tools you can use to keep your frequency and good vibration up not matter what happens in your life and might trigger you.


Why is it so important to have vital vessels ?

Well your red blood cells are transporting oxygen to your mitochondrias (your power buildings cells) which are important for burning all nutrients you take in and to build ATP ( Adenosin-Triphosphate = Energy ).

In the venous system the metabolic endproducts are transported over the lymphatic system to eliminate them from our body. Also our kidneys and skin are detoxing organs.

This blood circle is so essential to our vitality and it is not only the big vessels it is especially the MICROCIRCULISATION which makes over 100.000 kilometers in our bodies. Therefore me have to keep these tiny vessels in good flow state and clean of toxins.

I will show you how you can do that with a special magnetic field therapy, sport and supplements.


The DNA Blueprint can show you what kind of muscle type you are, how you can detox and where you might have troubles on a genetically level - so you can become more aware on what you should leave out in your nutrition or how to train you body in a better way and what you additionally need to detox on.

The basic DNA test that can be ordered will show you what foods are good for you or are ok if you do sport and can be ordered also with a cook book for a vital diet.

There are also other tests to see how your fertility level is in case you want to become pregnant or what kind of skin type you are and you can even order your personalized skin care.

In an into deep anamnesis we figure out which DNA profile would be the best for you and then we go from there with your vitality plan.


What is important to keep your cells vital ?

A healthy nutrition and supplements based on your individual defecit are key to your vitality, so your metabolism can work in a good way to build, detox and regenerate your cell function !

Everybody is different and every metabolism is different depending on how your nutrition was until now and what might have changed in your body over the years.

I look at certain laboratory values and at a stool sample to see how your microbiome is showing itself (e.g. if you have an inflamed intestine or leaky gut syndrome)

Then an individual vitality plan on what to eat, where to buy your food and what kind of supplements you need to take to recover is being set up from me for you.


Why is energetic and cell supportive water so essential ?

Why should you filter your water ?

We have so many toxins in tab water due to pollution, no adequate filtering and those toxins like medicine residues, heavy metals, nano-particles, viruses and bacterias stay in there and can harm our bodies if we consume tab water on a daily basis for drinking and cooking.

If you have heard from Emoto Masaru, who examined water crystals after labeling a glas of water with a certain word e.g. LOVE or HATE, you could see a beautiful crystal with the word LOVE and chaos /no structure with the word HATE under the electromagnetic-mircosscope.

As we consist of 80 % water you can see how important it is to drink cell-available water which has a high and good frequency and is free from toxins.

I will give you tips on how you can vitalize your water either with a filtering maschine, buying certain brands of water or carafes which e.g. energize the water with gem stones.


We have so many environmental toxins which affect our bodies aswell as our mind and soul.

Our intestine and liver, aswell as our lymphatic system, kidneys and skin are our detoxing organs. Therefore we need to support them in their cleaning processes with certain methods and keep them clean as best as we can.

Also detoxing our mind has an important effect on our body because of our vegetative system (parasympathic/ sympathic system) which is controlled by regulating hormones and enzymes. If this is out of balance and e.g. our stress hormone cortisol is on a high level, our immunesystem and detoxing system goes down and therefore toxins can be stored better in our body - mainly in our fat cells.

Therefore a balanced mind is as important as cleaning our body from environmental toxins.


Why is your environment so important ?

Negative stress due to toxic people like energy vampires and negative people, a stressy job and toxins like heavy metals, pesticides, micro-plastic, medical residues in water, food and air can have a very negative effect on your body, mind and soul and harm over a long period your whole system because enzymes, hormones and metabolic processes became dysfunctional.

Digestion problems, sleeping disorders and mental dysbalances are some examples which can lead also into a massive burnout from your body, mind and soul. Even cancer can be a result of this massive dysbalance. Thats why it is so important to keep your BALANCE IN LIFE !

Mentally, physically and on a soul level and throw out those toxins in your life which disturb this balance. I will show you prevention methods on how to keep your environment as clean as possible !

You want to integrate the 7 columns of Vitality – System into your life and would like to have a coaching or a consultation with me ?

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