Transformation now begins !

Open the door into your new vitality and walk with me …

You would like to transform your life to the better ?

I am here to serve you and help you with your INDIVIDUAL COACHING or group program to find your way back into your VITALITY and keep it on a high level so you lift up your life-style and thrive again. 

Living your life on your terms and in good vitality should be your aim and your beautiful soul deserves to live the life you want ! 


So take my hand and walk with me through the door of your NEW LIFE full of Vitality, Beauty and Power ! 

My mission is helping you to be vital again and live your GREATNESS ! 


What will be included in a 1 : 1 Coaching.

1 : 1 coachings normally start with a 2hour zoom call or live meeting because I first want see what your background is and what your health issues are so I have an overview where you stand and where you want to go.

After the into-deep anamnesis I will start testing your body field and see where you have blockages on physical and energetic level.

Then I will create an individual vitality plan together for you which can consist of vital food, supplements, extra healing sessions if necessary and mindset coaching if I detect deep blockages which keep you from moveing forward.

Normally I suggest at least 2-3 coaching sessions at the beginning or later joining my group coaching programs so you can learn more to boost your vitality on all levels and walk on alone.

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In the consultation we will meet live or in a zoom call for 1-1,5 hours on an acute or chronic issue you have including a full anamnesis.

After testing your body blockages and a medical checkup I will establish an individual vitality plan based on what your body, mind and soul needs right now.

It can also show that you need and energetic healing session or we will work on your mindset so you stay committed to your vitality goals.

If necessary we will have also a follow up appointment to see how your progress into your full vitality is going.

To book a free "get to know each other"- call click the button below.


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Coming soon ...

– Silvija Popović –
Mindset & Business Strategist